Reflection & Resolution

Together, we must create a more equitable and safe community for all children.


In light of the many children lost to youth violence, the Des Moines community faces a necessary and long-overdue reckoning. Increasing instances of community youth violence coincide with decreasing engagement in student academics and extracurricular activities. Recent data on academic, professional, and social youth landscapes in the Greater Des Moines Area indicate our mission is far from finished. As we embrace 2023 and our 9th year as an organization, two words come to mind: Keep going.

For nearly a decade, Pi515 has been a catalyst for youth empowerment in the Greater Des Moines Area, driven by our mission to equip children with skills and resources critical to their personal success. Most importantly, we generate positive change in the educational and professional journeys of hundreds of young individuals. Through program engagement, shared collaboration, youth leadership, and intentional mentorship, we’ve witnessed each and every one of our students learn, grow, and achieve success. As a community, we must continue supporting youth and helping them realize their potential.

At this moment in time, we as Iowans, Des Moines residents, and members of individual communities have the opportunity to come together and facilitate meaningful change in the lives of this city’s children. Everyday, we see the potential these children hold. We see how positive their futures can be. With intentional support, structure, and positive role models, we can help them realize this, as well. As an organization based in the community, your support is imperative to elevate and empower children to recognize the impact they hold on the lives of others.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of those who share our mission to empower and uplift youth in our community. Your contributions, whether in the form of donations, volunteering, or sharing our work, make a real and tangible difference in the lives of young people. We invite you to take an active role in supporting youth by:

  • Educating yourself in the inequality existing in Des Moines
  • Reaching out to your local representatives to advocate for youth initiatives
  • Intentionally supporting organizations and programs that uplift and empower young people

We can not do this without our community. We can not do this without you.

Together, we can create a more equitable and safe community for all children.


Nancy Mwirotsi

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