Girls' Entrepreneurship Incubator

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The Girls' Entrepreneurship Incubator unleashes untapped potential in future female innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Young women aged 14 to 22 are invited to participate.

The Girls' Entrepreneurship Incubator shows girls who they can be by providing them with role models and mentors they can relate to.

Participants learn the skills and resources they need to launch their independent businesses.
Female entrepreneurs from the community lead class and mentor participants. Female innovators from around the world join class as guest speakers.

Participants pitch their businesses to a panel of judges and compete for cash prizes.


Cohort dates to be announced!


All cohorts will meet in person at a local business and/or co-working space. Locations for the 2024 Incubator have not been announced, yet.

Testimonials from past participants

"I have learned that as a woman, I am able to do anything I put my mind to and create it with the four steps of innovation."

Maya France, 2022 Girls' Entrepreneurship Incubator participant

"I learned vital information needed to start a business. Upon completion of the program, I launched my business, Safies' Souffle."

Safie Jackson, Pi515 graduate, ISU student, and local entrepreneur

"I loved watching my two girls in the group grow from the beginning to the end of the program. They left the program with much more confidence."

Joann Leto, 2022 Girls' Entrepreneurship Incubator mentor

Where are they now?

Satina Ishibwami, 2020 Girls' Entrepreneurship Incubator winner
Shop her small business, Satina | Beauty & SPI Clothing Store, here. Follow her on Instagram @satinaibeauty.
Safie Jackson, 2021 Girls' Entrepreneurship Incubator participant
Shop her small business, SafiesSouffle, here. Follow her on Instagram @safiessouffle.
Aerz Johnson, 2022 Girls' Entrepreneurship Incubator winner
Currently pursuing a patent for her small business, Big Head Bucket Hats.
Elizabeth Nyamwange, 2022 Girls' Entrepreneurship Incubator guest speaker
A senior at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and inventor of Etana, a low-cost digital identification device for women living without access to the internet or electricity. Winner of HP's Girls Save the World and recipient of $36,000 from MIT's Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge. Check out her website here. Follow her on LinkedIn at enyamwange.

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