Building diversity in STEM

Education and opportunities for underserved youth

Building diversity in STEM

Giving opportunities that inspire young people to explore, discover, and create. By using the talent that we see in underrepresented students, we are able to make a real impact in their lives and watch as they go on to shape their communities. By starting at the source, we can organically grow a culture of ambition and success. The triumphs of our students go on to be reflected in making the technology world more diverse and bringing the voices that are so often unheard to the forefront.

Pi515 successfully creates a safe space where students from a wide array of backgrounds, socio-economic and social statuses, and nationalities come together to learn from our program and each other. Individually, they learn to build skills and self-confidence. Together, they learn to build community – and the community is part of what keeps them invested in being part of the program. We provide the program at no cost to their families and give them a laptop when they graduate.

We are closing the digital gap by providing students who attend our classes with tech equipment. We provide equipment directly where it is needed at the time to make the most impact. We know that kids can't succeed without access to technology.

By providing a base, we empower students to forge their own path and succeed on their own terms. We believe that when youth have the power to control their own education, they are able to design a happy future for themselves, and when we have happy and successful individuals, we foster a strong and vibrant community. Our students inspire those around them with their stories, their heart, and their expertise.

Pi515 is taking on the inequity in STEM-related careers by directly addressing the pipeline. Each year, we embrace 100 students, particularly girls, from diverse backgrounds. We introduce them to teachers and companies with employees who are in STEM, providing role models that inspire them. Over 80% of our students are the first in their families to finish high school and go on to college.

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The most fun about Pi515 has been working with middle school students to teach them how to code! Also, working with my Pi515 teammates to build a shopping app for the Congressional App Challenge was a fun and great learning experience! I have learned the languages: HTML, CSS, and Java. We made our own websites and presented them to employees at American Equity. I have also learned so much about…

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I am Chiran Subedi, born in the small country of Nepal who had never imagined to have such an opportunity to pursue computer science in front of him. I have been with PI515 and followed it since junior year at High School. It took my basic knowledge of computer science and improved upon it in many different ways that would allow me to choose which specific path I want to follow in computer science…

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