CodeJam Fundraiser 2020

Pi515 is hosting a new type of fundraiser. The event will take place virtually on September 18th at 5pm CST.

What is the Pi515 CodeJam?

The idea is simple: write code and pledge to donate based on your accomplishments. You can improve existing technologies or explore and build new ones all while supporting a great organization. Think of someone donating $5 for every mile they run. But instead we're fixing bugs, writing documentation or doing other productive IT work. Finally, a chance to catch up on some of that code "you meant to write." Or maybe, a chance to work on that personal project you've been neglecting.

How do I participate?

Any individual or organization is welcome to participate. Individuals with little or no code experience are encouraged to participate and grow their knowledge base.

To participate you simply need to:

  1. Choose a pledge goal that works for you or your organization.
  2. Commit to participating by grabbing a ticket here:
  3. Stay tuned for more details as the event gets closer.
  4. Participate in the Code Jam on September 18th at 5pm CST.

What sort of things can I work on?

Work on whatever suits your individual or organizational interests! The scope and type of work you do is entirely up to you. Here are a couple ideas for you to get started on pledge ideas:

  • Donate for every defect fixed
  • Donate for each piece of documentation written
  • Donate for each hour spent researching a new technology
  • Donate a predetermined amount and jam to your heart's content

Whether you work on technology for your organization or personal projects, we hope the jam provides a fun experience, a sense of accomplishment and positivity knowing you've helped an incredible organization.

If you are interested in getting yourself or your organization involved in the PI515 Code Jam or would like more information please send an email to

If this date doesn't work for you or your organization we encourage individuals to host their own micro event on a time that works better and share their experience.

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