Interested in being a speaker?

We are currently seeking dynamic panelists and presenters to contribute to the success of our Day of Innovation event across four tracks. Some suggested sub-topics for presentation proposals include, but are not limited to:

1. Women in Entrepreneurship - Getting started as an entrepreneur, navigating biases, confidence and useful skill sets as an entrepreneur

2. AI in Education - Practical considerations for AI-augmented education (E.g. Ethics, shortcomings vs. benefits for educational outcomes, evolution in educational methods, etc.), AI as a tool in education

3. Responsible and Ethical Data and AI in Modern Society - Ethical considerations of AI for students, privacy in the digital age, responsible AI for social good 

4. Technology and the Future of Work - Jobs of the future, continuous education – upskilling and reskilling, personal brand and technology

Please fill out this link if you are interested in participating either as a presenter or on a panel.
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