Success Story: Chiran Subedi

Meet Chiran Subedi and hear how Pi515 accelerated his career

I am Chiran Subedi, born in the small country of Nepal who had never imagined to have such an opportunity to pursue computer science in front of him. I have been with PI515 and followed it since junior year at High School. It took my basic knowledge of computer science and improved upon it in many different ways that would allow me to choose which specific path I want to follow in computer science. I would like to thank Dwolla not only for the scholarship to help us with college but for allowing us to see what it is like in a working environment for software engineers and allow us to prepare before we park ourselves behind the computer monitor.

I am a believer that the most things you achieve comes from strong motivation and from doing things you love, therefore for young people to explore different career opportunities is important because only then will they know what they would love to do for the rest of their lives.