future of work


Challenge, inspire and teach technology skills to students with potential - empowering refugee and underserved youth to achieve success, garner influence and gain stability in their families and communities.

We outfit the next generation of programmers with tools to change their world.


Our vision is to ensure that PI 515 students are exposed to coding, innovation and critical thinking. We hope to change lives by offering learning opportunities, exposing students to real-life skills and creating an environment that encourages determination to overcome problems.



Pi515 creates pathways to success in STEM-related careers for diverse youth from low-income families by partnering with industry professionals who teach coding and other STEM-related skills augmented with career-focused soft skills. Industry professionals teach high school students and empower them to mentor and share these skills with middle school students. In turn, this prepares students for a future that includes continuing education and employment in Iowa’s growing tech sector.


With an abundance of STEM jobs and a shortage of STEM professionals, we teach youth, especially girls, these highly sought skills and open doors students may not have known existed. By distributing knowledge, expertise, and tools required to gain skills, students are equipped to succeed as the next generation of technology developers and entrepreneurs. This large scale skill distribution not only allows students to gain practical knowledge but also share and find their passion.


We motivate our students to give back, achieve their potential, and overcome challenges by creating a space to honor other young people’s leadership and efforts. After one year of our high school program, students have an opportunity to earn $15 an hour teaching STEM at area middle schools. We understand that all youth are not the same, so Pi515 accommodates different ways of learning and discovering, while providing space for creativity.


Critical thinking is the hallmark of STEM. An innovative mind and passion for discovery creates an individual who is prepared to take on the challenges of the future. We revolutionize how we learn and share our expertise to move forward together and keep up with our high tech world. Together, they learn to build community – and the community is part of what keeps them invested in being part of the program.